Term Life Insurance Article

Information about term life insurance policies and what's available

Term life insurance is available from a wide range of international companies and trusts today. For example, you can buy term life insurance from companies as diverse as conglomerates such as Virgin Group or regular insurance companies like Legal and General, or more recent online presence companies like "theIdol".

But what do they offer that's different? Clearly there are different policies which may vary in terms of the premiums - do they increase, do they stay the same, will the policy be renewable on completion and can you get anything back if you change your mind? Will they need you to take a medical exam (probably not is the answer). Yes, it will depend on your age to determine the contribution level because your likelihood of having a claim is smaller the younger you are. Having said that, not many young people really worry about term life insurance so the lower age categories are not in much demand!

You can get term life insurance protection in variable term lengths; some companies offer 5 or 10 year terms, others have completely variable offerings, some will go to 20 year terms and protect you up to age 95 in some US states!

The advantages of using a Level Term Life policy to protect your family and loved ones are it is a fairly cheap way of "guaranteeing" a lump sum payout for your loved ones upon your death. The aim of the term life policy is to provide you with peace of mind. The premiums paid per month can often be guaranteed which means that they will not increase for the entire term. Very low premiums (?5 - ?8 a month) are common now and are a cheap way to protect yourself and your interests. Some companies will also bundle or offer criticial illness cover so that if you are unable to look after your family in the future but not actually die, you will be able to receive the benefit from the insurance policy.

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