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Smoking and Term Life Insurance

Smoking and life insurance

The problem with smokers is that the likelihood of an early death is increased. That may seem obvious to anyone and everyone but the premiums for a life insurance policy may vary from company to company depending on the level of usage of cigars or cigarettes; after all, someone who has been smoking 5 a day for just 5 years is a low lower risk than someone who has been smoking 50 a day for 20 years.

These are the calculations that the life insurance company will try to work out from your applications, and even tests for nicotine levels and back-end checks may happen to verify an application for term life insurance. An occasional ?Christmas? smoker may not even register on the radar as a smoking risk, but shopping around in the life insurance companies can give a better picture of what is available for smokers.

Smoker rates can be as much as two or three times the regular premium prices, but by shopping around the companies such as those listed on Term Life Insurance you will be able to see who is offering the best deal if you are one of those people addicted to the weed !

So don?t give up hope if you are a regular smoker, there is a business out there for the life insurance companies to chase, even though it might cost you somewhat more for cover, the premiums will be available to you if you shop around just a little bit. Alternatively, and this is probably a whole lot harder, you could go online to see how to quit smoking (there are plenty of articles and websites and products dedicated to doing just that!).

So if you manage to quit smoking you can update your medical records with the life insurance company and then, assuming it all works out according to plan, your can lower your premiums but still keep the same basic policy cover!

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